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Tracy is a Licensed Practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living and is the author of “I Turn To Prayer,” a collection of original prayers in different formats and 10 other books. In addition, she has also published two journals to support her clients who want to reveal or reclaim joy.

Since 1986 Tracy has used universal spiritual principles to infuse her life with peace and joy. She created a 28-day prosperity process titled, “Are You Ready to Receive.” And, her signature programs, “Reclaim Joy” and “Journey to Joy” help you tap into the things that bring personal satisfaction and identify ways to reconfigure your life so you can experience deep and lasting joy.

Because of her extensive experience prior to becoming a licensed practitioner, Tracy is recognized nationally as an expert on diversity and inclusion. As a result, she founded Stained Glass Spirit to provide resources that help navigate the intersection of diversity, spirituality and inclusion. And she hosts the Intentionally Inclusive podcast that focuses specifically on what leaders in spiritual communities should know and do to be inclusive.

As a Practitioner, Tracy also provides spirituality based guidance and coaching services. So, if you need a life coach or want to participate in group coaching circles focused on applying spiritual principles and spiritual practices to achieve your goals in life, contact her.


The Ernest Holmes Award is the highest honor conferred by Centers for Spiritual Living. It shall be conferred upon a person who exemplifies and personifies the teachings of our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes. Dr. Holmes was a visionary teacher, author of The Science of Mind textbook, and creator of the “Science of Mind” magazine. His genius was an ability to turn old theological concepts into meaningful new ways of living in a changing age. Likewise, the person who is given this award has contributed to the evolution of Religious Science and opened doors for new people to discover this teaching.

Tracy is the first Licensed Practitioner to receive this award. (All previous recipients have been Ordained Ministers.)

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Tracy has received an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Centers for Spiritual Living.