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I believe life is an amazing experience and I always have a choice how I respond to whatever is happening. I. Choose. Joy. And if you also want to choose joy, I want to support you in that choice. Let me help you apply universal spiritual principles in the real world. Let me help you build a bridge between thinking positive and living positive. I am President of Diversity Trends LLC, founder of Stained Glass Spirit and a founder of Dallas Dinner Table. So I have lots of experience as a seminar leader, coach, consultant and author. Let me help you find a way to get to joy when it would be easier to simply take a nap and pretend nothing's wrong. Choose Joy!

Have a Spiritually Rich Financial Life

Karen teaches that without deliberately developing spirituality, beliefs and habits most people will either replicate or rebel against the financial circumstances of their upbringing—and even if they say they want something different, they probably won’t experience it. The key to changing that pattern is choosing to consistently apply universal principles to your professional, creative and financial projects. You CAN create a prosperous, generous,  oyous money life now!

Happiness Comes From Within

Happiness comes from within. It’s not about things. It’s about who you are, what you enjoy doing, & how you can make a difference in other people’s lives. Be who you are -follow your heart, using the talents and skills you enjoy using, in circumstances where your values are met. Your satisfaction will come from using your uniqueness every day, to make a difference in the world.

Tom Welch