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I believe life is an amazing experience and I always have a choice how I respond to whatever is happening. I. Choose. Joy. And if you also want to choose joy, I want to support you in that choice. Let me help you apply universal spiritual principles in the real world. Let me help you build a bridge between thinking positive and living positive. I am President of Diversity Trends LLC, founder of Stained Glass Spirit and a founder of Dallas Dinner Table. So I have lots of experience as a seminar leader, coach, consultant and author. Let me help you find a way to get to joy when it would be easier to simply take a nap and pretend nothing's wrong. Choose Joy!

Elevate the Conversation

What if every article, news story or post about Will Smith and Chris Rock had instead been about replacing hatred with harmony worldwide? What is important to us individually and collectively? Where are we willing to invest our thoughts, energy and time?

I have appreciated the posts that have explored violence, misogeny, racism and other patterns of hatred that exist in our society without approving any of the actions taken.

Let’s elevate the conversation to individual and collective commitments to change the conditions we can name that cause unnecessary pain. Let’s stop arguing over who was right or wrong and what punishment they should receive, and instead turn to holding ourselves accountable for taking tangible action that transforms our own beavior and the standards we will accept from others in our own families, communities and world.