Reclaim Joy!® (The Free Class)

We all experience valleys and have to find our way back to wholeness. This fast-paced class helps you identify practical things you can do to reclaim your joy … whether it’s been 24 hours, 24 days or 24 years since you last remember living joyfully.

This 30-minute session is  jam packed from start to finish with tips, challenges, questions you should ask yourself and options for action! In less than 30 minutes, Tracy will give you 30 ideas or resources you can use to experience more joy in your life. She’ll also answer the most frequently asked questions about the Journey to Joy® Virtual Bootcamp (webinar and coaching series).

View and Listen to a recording of a previous session: Reclaim Joy Webinar (recorded)  |   Webinar format

 Accessing The Power of Gratitude

Download the full article “Accessing the Power of Gratitude” here: PowerofGratitude-byTracyBrownRScP