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Reclaim Joy!

(30 ideas in 30 minutes)

5 Minute Spiritual Practices

What if you didn’t have to carve out any extra time in your day to develop consistent spiritual practices?

What if you could learn some easy techniques you could use to mindfully nurture your connection to God?

Would you like to have a process that would teach you how to develop spiritual practices that are customized to fit your style, your habits and your life?

Tracy Brown, RScP is a spiritual coach who will help you discover and develop practical, powerful ways to integrate daily spiritual practice into your busy life!

In this webinar, she’ll help you recognize how easy it is to integrate spiritual practices throughout your day. She’ll give you a template for developing your own spiritual practices. And she’ll share more than 50 examples of spiritual practices that you can do in 5 minutes or less!

Deep Impact Practitioner Client Sessions

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mastery of spiritual coaching and facilitating practitioner-client sessions? If your self-rating is anything less than a 10, you might benefit from this two-session master class facilitated by Tracy Brown, RScP.

Sure, you know the basics. Your Prac-Client sessions are effective. But you’d really like to take them up to the next level. This master class is perfect for you if you:

  • Can intuitively identify the hidden belief but still have difficulty guiding the client to their own insight and recognition of their false or hidden belief
  • Talk more than you listen during most practitioner sessions
  • Aren’t sure what questions to ask to go deeper
  • Realize you need a system for organizing your notes that helps you summarize the session quickly, correctly and with clarity about what to focus on in your closing Treatment
  • Find yourself getting hooked by clients who present issues that are similar to your own challenges
  • Are ever at a loss for what to assign as appropriate homework for your clients
  • You’d like to more clients to commit to regularly scheduled recurring sessions

If you answered yes to at least one of these statements, keep reading!

If you want to achieve deep and lasting impact with your clients, Tracy can help you do that in a way that reflects your strengths and your style. This multi-module masterclass will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure you get personalized attention.

Each session will include

  • examples of effective techniques and tips that help you create breakthrough moments,
  • proprietary content based on the actual tools Tracy uses,
  • practice applying the content and
  • a Q&A session to address your specific needs.

You will also be strongly encouraged to schedule at least one client-practitioner session with someone who is not in the class between modules so you can bring real issues, real challenges, and real examples of success into the discussion.

Tracy Brown, RScP is a gifted Practitioner and leader. She has an active practice with clients nationwide and is a recipient of both The Ernest Holmes Award from Centers for Spiritual Living, In fact, Tracy is the only person to receive this award who is not an ordained minister. She has also received and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

Tracy is an active leader and teacher at CSLDallas. She has taught dozens of classes, including Practitioner studies, at her home community and in the CSL Online program. She developed a mentoring program for new Practitioners in 2012 that is not only still in use, but also has been replicated by several other Centers. Tracy is also on the faculty of the CSL School for Spiritual Leadership teaching ministerial students for 5 different campuses. And she is the author of several books, including “I Turn to Prayer.”

Questions? Email Tracy at Tracy@ReclaimJoy.com.

Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear: Spiritual Practice + Practical Action to Help You Live a Life You Love 

Participate in 8 days of spiritual practice plus practical action designed to help you move beyond your fear into a life you love! Each day new content is added.

Content includes, at a minimum: a daily affirmation, a daily inspiring quote, a daily message that usually includes a challenge with suggestions for action,  and a daily video related to the theme for that day.

Classes and Webinars Have Included:

  • When Life is Messy, Get a Maid!
  • We Fall Down … But We Get Up
  • Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
  • Spiritual Practices Makeovers
  • Powerful Prayer Partners
  • Journey to Joy Group Coaching Series
  • Lay Your Burdens Down
  • Fearless Facilitation

1 thought on “Webinars & Classes

  1. Tracy-

    Hi, it’s Julie. I wanted to take Foundations but didn’t realize it was online. I’m staying in Lubbock for awhile. Can I join your Foundations Class? It’s been more than five years since I took it and I want to take Inward Journey again. Thanks.


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