An exclusive invitation for high-achieving leaders who are ready to create a new balance between their business responsibilities and their personal interests so they can live a life they truly love.

I’ll Show You – Step-by-Step – How to Take Back Your Life, Set Big Goals, and Create AMAZING Success While Still Making Time for Family, Friends and Fun.

VIP-Day-FIles-24Are you finally ready to play a more balanced game? Are you ready to let go of the story that you can’t have success at work and a personal life you love at the same time?

If you are ready to experience a powerful transformation spend a full virtual day with me (via Skype or my online conference room) and we’ll work together to define what you want …  and a path that will get you there.

Right now you are probably caught up in the way you’ve been doing things. And for the most part what you’ve been doing has brought you the success you have experienced so far. Your life is pretty good. But you also have a desire to make some changes, create a different path or shift your focus entirely.

VIP-Day-FIles-31I can help you do that! I can help you move more quickly and with greater confidence. I can help you design a clear strategy and select specific action steps you can implement immediately to make significant progress. I’ll be your guide and together we will carve out a plan.

You see, it’s not only important to know WHAT you want, but you must also create some kind of road map, guide, or clear action plan that shows you HOW to transform your goals into real-life experiences.

And you need an objective person who can keep you focused on strategic options and help you avoid the traps of procrastination, confusion and distraction. Working together, you and I will not only explore your WHAT and HOW, but we will also identify those obstacles and challenges that hold you back.


CBR003070-15024625-cFirst, it is a specific amount of time you and I carve out to focus on you. It is a time designed to transform your life in one magnificently productive day instead of taking months (or years) to develop clarity and focus.

A TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE blends everything I’ve learned as a corporate executive, business consultant, author, radio show producer and licensed spiritual coach into a system that works to create your perfect path into the next phase of your life. I’ve had great success in corporate settings and have worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations. Combine that with my experience as an entrepreneur and it’s easy to understand why I can help you find your unique balance that’s right for you.

My job is to help you identify what you want and a way to go for it. We’ll place your personal and professional life under a microscope to see what’s working and what’s not. We will spend an entire day getting crystal clear about (a) what it would take to transform your life and (b) what you are willing to do to move toward your dreams.  We’re going to give you focus and clarity about the ways that are most practical and profitable for you to invest your time now.

VIP-Day-FIles-8If you have been craving clarity, action, and momentum this TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE is perfect for you. If you would prefer to have a lot of progress in a short time frame (instead of a tiny bit of progress spread out over weeks or months) then this TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE is perfect for you. If you are just ready to move forward and are excited about creating a new direction in your life this TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE is perfect for you.

At the end of the VIP Intensive Day you will have a plan you resonate with because you helped create it. You will have a plan of action that reflects your goals, your values and your level of commitment. You will have a plan you can believe in; a plan you can begin to implement immediately.

Here’s How it Works

After we schedule the date I will send you some pre-work. These will be questions to consider or worksheets to complete to make our time together more productive. I will also send you a checklist of supplies to have on hand the day we work together.

As you complete the worksheets, you will choose a primary focus area or goal (and a secondary area or goal just in case we speed through the first one.)

VIP-Day-FIles-9During our working time together there are guided discussions and processes for each part of the day. There are times we are online together and times when you work on your own. We will of course take a short lunch break, but the schedule is pretty intense to keep you focused on the topic for the day: YOU!

I’ll work with you in my coaching and consulting mode, which means I’ll guide you, help you find clarity, suggest meaningful strategies, and partner with you to develop an actual action plan. All in one day.

On TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE day, the agenda is customized to your specific needs. However, everyone who completes the process discovers their uniquely personal answers to the following key questions:

Focus On

Key Question

What You


What do I want? What’s the goal?



Why do I want this? Why is it important to me?



How must I structure my life to achieve the goal(s)?



What does progress look like? How can I establish consistency?



Who do I need to be to make this happen?


Plus You Receive:

  • A link to download MP3 recordings of our conversation you can review whenever and as often as you like.
  • Personalized email coaching for 2 weeks to help you through the initial stage of implementation
  • One 30-minute follow-up call 2-4 weeks after the VIP day.

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend you keep as much flexibility as possible on your calendar for the following day so you can take it all in, review your next steps and start working on them.


VIP-Day-FIles-27I suggest you focus on a bold, but realistic goal that can be achieved in 90 days or less. Alternatively, you could use the VIP day to identify a general direction and set priorities for the next year.

Here are some examples of goals or focus areas others have chosen in the past:

  • Develop your personal mission and values statements
  • Create a timeline for writing or finishing that book (or some other big project you want to complete)
  • Shift quickly from being confused or dissatisfied about your life into a life you truly love doing things you love to do with people you love to be with
  • Identify what you like (and don’t like) about your current personal or professional life
  • Expand your ability to set boundaries that are in your best interest
  • Develop a new stream of income to supplement (or replace) your full time job
  • Confidently reorganize your life in a way that recognizes the whole you: your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs
  • Develop a plan of action for changing careers or for moving to a new city
  • smile-reclaimjoy4Improve your confidence and self esteem
  • Integrate your spiritual values into your daily life and relationships
  • Create a development plan to learn or improve specific skills (i.e. leadership, problem solving or project management)
  • Establish a  concrete action plan to prepare you for promotions while maintaining time with family and friends
  • Move beyond an “either/or” mentality and explore new possibilities you never considered before
  • Identify your preferred balance between work responsibilities and personal activities
  • Break an old habit and replace it with a new habit, belief or activity
  • Improve your presentation or facilitation skills with specific coaching and feedback
  • Learn to say no and fight fairly so you can avoid or resolve conflict at work or at home

These are just a few of the ways you could use your TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE. What do YOU want to transform in YOUR life?

Ready to do this?  I’m ready too!

When I do customized coaching with corporate clients I charge between $3,500 – $4,500 for an equivalent program. But you won’t pay that. The TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE for visitors to this website is less than half of the corporate rate.

Your Investment: $1500 for the full TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE Package

This includes:

  1. Coordination and review of pre-VIP day assignments
  2. Development of VIP-day content customized to your specific needs and experiences
  3. 5.5 – 6.0 hours of individual coaching and facilitation
  4. Personal email coaching for 2 additional weeks
  5. A 30-minute follow-up coaching session by phone or Skype

Payment Options

  • Save 10%: Pay $1,350 in one payment and schedule your VIP-day immediately.
  • Pay $750 upon booking to secure your date and $750 a few days before your session to finalize it.
  • Make three monthly payments of $525 each.

All you need to do is email me directly and I will respond with further instructions.

Cancellation Policy: I invest in you immediately, which is why I don’t offer refunds for TRANSFORMATIONAL VIP INTENSIVE cancellations. When you make your initial payment it’s the cue for me to block out YOUR date on my schedule and not take other clients at that time.

  • Within 3 days of receiving your deposit, I provide you with pre-session guidance, send you some questions to answer for me, and give you a list of supplies to gather.
  • As you return your pre-work, I also go to work researching specific ideas and suggestions related to your area of focus, documenting our process, and preparing materials for our time together so I come to your session fully prepared.
  • Once you have paid your deposit and the work begins you may reschedule your VIP-day based on a mutually agreeable date.
  • If you do need to reschedule your session date, please give me a minimum 3-day advance notice. I’ll offer you at least 3 alternate time slots.

Next Step

Get started now by emailing me

I will give you my full attention.

I will partner with you to find the unique plan that works for you.

I will help you get out of your own way.

And I will support you with ideas, resources and structure designed to help you achieve your goals.

My best,

Tracy Brown


P.S. Please forward a link to this page to anyone you feel might benefit from this service. Share the love!

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